Hong Kong @ Jerome Alexander Chan

Where do I begin? There’s just so many things I wish I could share with you guys… How wonderful my trip was.. How beautiful the place was.. How organised most things were and most importantly how great the food was.. However unlike photos, I can’t possibly be sharing my experience with a thousand words.

Posing at The Avenue of Stars. The HK version of the Hollywood Boulevard Walk Of Fame.

Hotel View @ Jerome Alexander Chan

Window view from my hotel room. I think that this was a really good shot that I took.

Due to the lack of available land, most of the buildings are above 100m tall! That is why Hong Kong’s skyline is considered one of the best in the world

Island View from Ferry @ Jerome Alexander Chan

Here’s an image I captured of the skyline. Continue Reading…

Chris's Birthday Cupcakes  @ Parkroyal on Pickering

Over the months, I’ve been scouting around for nice hotel rooms to surprise @chris for his birthday and I remembered passing by this newly opened hotel that was in Chinatown. I was pretty curious thus I decided to do some research on it.

While browsing through the website, I was surprised that the rooms were comparatively inexpensive and the rooms were relatively large in space.

The junior suite only costs S$378.00 (rate that was given on the 20th of June 2013, excluding GST and service charges) It is a 48 sqm suite fitted with a king-sized bed, separate lounge area, bedroom and a large bathroom.

I managed to make a booking through Parkroyal on Pickering’s website. >> Click Here <<

Living Room & Bedroom @ Parkroyal on Pickering

View of the Living room and Bedroom of the Junior Suite. It is separated with a sliding door for privacy. So I invited a total of 25++ guests and everyone fitted in comfortably.

Panorama of Bathroom & Bedroom @ Parkroyal on Pickering

The Bedroom and Bathroom. I have the say that the bathroom is huge! It is fitted with 2 sinks, a bathtub, shower head, separated toilet use and is filled with amenities.

Bedroom @ Parkroyal on Pickering

As for the Bedroom, I’m sure you’re able to see how wonderful the view is from my pictures. Wondering if there are curtains available for privacy? Fret not, the rooms are fitted with electronic controlled binders. You can select in between the switches found on the wall. Most functions around the rooms are controlled by several “remote controls” installed on the walls.

Drinks in Bathtub @ Parkroyal on Pickering

I used the bathtub as a way of cooling my drinks :) Feel free to ask the hotel for ice, they are more than happy to serve you.

Guests @ Parkroyal on Pickering

I was upgraded to Orchid Club (a privilege offered by a friend of mine). This means I get to access the Club Lounge and enjoy free cocktails for me and a friend of mine from 6-8pm in the evening! Wow that’s sure wonderful.

That’s not all, you get to have breakfast on the top level of the hotel served with really good quality food.

Kitchen Area @ Parkroyal on Pickering Club Lounge

Table by the Window  @ Parkroyal Orchid Club Lounge

As shown above. The lounge is decorated and furnished well. Waitresses (dressed in blue) were really pleasant and their service was just amazing.

Pancakes @ Parkroyal Orchid Club Lounge

One of the many items available in the lounge. Pancakes with Strawberries and Maple syrup prepared on request to the chef.

View from Rooftop  @ Parkroyal Orchid Club Lounge


As a Orchid Club guest, you also get to access the Rooftop garden located on the 16th floor. The view is magnificent, stunning and just plain beautiful.. The overall service provided by the hotel was just really satisfactory and excellent.

Plain Vanilla Cupcakes @ Jerome Alexander Chan

Plain Vanilla @ Jerome Alexander Chan

Can I also say that Plain Vanilla Cupcakes are so pretty?! You can choose to customise designs on your cupcakes -well at a small fee of course-

You can choose between flavours from Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Carrot, Strawberry White Chocolate, Cookie & Cream, Cinnamon Brown Sugar and moreeeee

>> Click Here << to visit their official webpage.

Fitch 8

Photo Of The Week (14 May 13)

Bored on a Tuesday afternoon…


He’s young, he’s talented and he’s a SuperStar! I have had the honour to interview Shawn, a local celebrity in the media industry. At the young age of 13, he had triumphed over more than 4000+ contestants when he was crowned the overall champion for Season 2 of Campus Superstar. Know more about his life after winning the competition right now!


1. How old were you when you first developed interests in music?

As far as I can remember, I’ve been performing since I was really young, and I always love the feeling of being on the stage. Back then in 2004, I remember watching Daphne Khoo on Singapore Idol and I really liked her voice. I listen to her songs all the time and she is such a great song writer/singer. And then in the same year, it was Teachers Day so volunteered to perform in my school, and after I finished singing, the teachers started chanting ENCORE! Then I got this feeling that this might be my niche and I might be doing this sometime.

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you?

Probably 6? I think in this world there are so many things we as human wants, and sometimes we don’t really need it. But being materialistic, we will naturally compare ourselves to the rest who are doing better and we want what they have as well. We will crave and want more in this world, and we will never be satisfied. And at the end of the day it’s hard being happy because there is so much going on in our minds.


3. After being crowned champion in the hit reality singing competition Campus Superstar (2007 Season Two), what were the major changes in your life?

well…. Life is completely different. Back then when I won, I didn’t really took all the fame seriously because… I’m only 13?! all you wanna do at that age is have fun and hang out with your friends! And it kinda took my life away, i guess? I don’t really get to be myself so much when I’m out because everyone is constantly staring and judging you, and it’s really tough. But i’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt how to deal and talk to different people, with what i have. And usually most of the people only get such experience when they step into the working world. But for me it kinda started early. So it’s a good learning experience for me.


4. How are you spending your time nowadays?

Right now I’m serving the nation, in the Republic of Singapore Navy (just like you, Jerome haha) I still perform and do shows once in awhile when I have the time.


5. Is Beyoncé an inspiration to you and why?

Hell YES. I spend most of my free time watching different types of singers performing live in concerts and the only singer who impress me so much, is Beyoncé. She is so so so so talented and amazing. I can’t even! From a singer, to a dancer, to a songwriter to a director, to a wife, to a mother, to an icon, to a fashion designer. Even Michelle Obama wants to be Beyoncé. She could sing LIVE so well that it’s somehow impossible! But she made it looks so easy. It’s official that perfection has another name…… .BEYONCÉ.

6. If given a chance to meet Beyoncé in person, what would you say to her?

I don’t think I will get a chance to speak to her because I’ll probably faint immediately after she says hi. And Jerome, stop giving me hopes about meeting her please we all know it’s impossible hahahahaha.


7. What hidden talents do you have?

Hidden talents? I have very typical “talents” like playing some instruments but it’s probably a boring answer haha. Well people sometimes engage me to do photography and videography for them because they say I’m good at it. haha It’s also another hobby. I like to play around with my cameras and snap/record any random things. And I do editing as well…. y’all might wanna check out my editing in my video page. uh uh. click here for the link :)


8. What are the 5 things you can’t live without?

1) The Internet….. I mean who can live without it!? okay maybe some people can but I really can’t. I literally google everything i don’t know. EVERYTHING. So if there is no internet…. I’M GONNA BE SO… BRAINLESS? sigh/ relying too much on the internet is also a bad thing.

2) Music… Sometimes when I can’t express myself or I can’t get my thoughts into words, there will always be a song to describe how I’m feeling at the moment.

3) My Camera. I always think that we have to capture every moment because once they’re gone, they will be gone forever. The only way we can remember them is through pictures. Like they said, they speak a thousand words..

4) Food….. I spend 24/7 eating. Which explains why I’m getting chubbier hahaha but hecka good food’s everywhere. You just can’t resist! YOU CAN’T.

5) Definitely, most importantly…. Love. Everyone needs love.

Thank you so much for the lovely chat Shawn!

Find out more about Shawk Tok >> More


Lately I was really intrigue with this new snail face mask that my friend @Benjamin got from Korea for me and yes, it’s pretty common nowadays for guys to put on face masks. We have to look good too you know!

So let me share with you my experience with Nature Republic : Snail Therapy Mask Sheet ...


yup @Benjamin bought me 20 pieces :P It’s a lot but I think I’m gonna keep to a regular face mask regime.


Instructions on how to use. Click on the image if the texts are too small /\


I’ve struck gold. Can use this for at least 2 months since I have so many.

People all assume that snails are very disgusting slimey creatures but did you know that the snail slime is commercially obtained from the common garden snail species Helix aspersa, which produces a secretion rich in proteins of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. The secretion of the snail supposedly has a double function when applied to human skin: on one hand it is claimed to stimulate the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components that repair the signs of photoaging and, second, is claimed to minimize the damage generated by free radicals that are responsible for premature skin aging. (taken from wiki, better than stealing it and claiming it’s mine by just changing a few words)


it is very surprising that this snail “mucus” doesn’t smell or feel sticky at all! It is so moist and comfortable on my face.


don’t laugh at me, I know I look hilarious! I’m only showing you how the face mask looks on my face!

I have to say that the mask is A REALLY GOOD MASK. Well I know different people have different skin types. I have oily and rough skin. :(  Even though this mask is more suitable for people with dry facial skin, I think that it is also suitable for people with wrinkled skin and blemishes.

After taking off the mask, I felt that my face was a whole lot smoother and all the unbalance troubled skin I formed from work stress disappeared.

Definitely a recommendation I would give to my friends! Quickly ask your friends to get it for you if they’re in Korea! :P

Want a free sample? Tell me why using the Contact page available on my site!


Photo Of The Week (20 Apr 13)

have you ever looked out the window and pretended that everything around you is fine?